We do almost everything but the motor!

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Work with canvas

Canvas is the perfect fabric for protecting your boat and your passengers.

Speak with us today about your options!

Throw a great custom-fitted canvas over your boat,

and never worry about the elements, sun, or sludge

while you're towing it.


Even more importantly, speak with us about an awning for your boat's passengers. Protect your friends and loved ones from the elements, and enjoy your next day on the water

a little more.

Protect what matters

When you're interested in craftsmanship and high-quality products for your boat, there's only one place to turn.


Count on the same experts that your friends and

neighbors have trusted for more than 25 years.

You won't be disappointed!

Count on the experts

Pay less and expect

more from us


You'll get carefully crafted custom goods when you turn to the committed team of marine experts.

Boat coverd with canvas Boat coverd with canvas Boat coverd with canvas